The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 12/3/14 – The Colorful Edition

Since we took last week off in light of the holiday, it’s been a while since our last mid-week MV mini-review round-up. With daylight savings time and winter kicking in for most of the country, I think we can agree that we could all use a little more color. That’s the theme behind this bunch of videos, as they all prominently make interesting use of the color palette for their music videos.

Emi Meyer – “Da Dance! ENCORE”

+The entire video looks like it was run through a bunch of iPhone photography apps… I dig it.
-The song feels like it’s building up to something epic, but never quite gets there

Kina Grannis x Fresh Big Mouf – “The Fire” (The Beat Scout Remix)

+Fireworks x Dessert x Kina… what’s not to love?
-This makes me wish for a completely remixed rendition of her Elements album

Marie Digby – “Vanish”

+The tone is like a Garnier Fructis commercial gone retro; it’s fun yet somehow nostalgia inducing
-Even though I kinda like it, the traditional Thai/Cambodian scenes are so random

Azure – “Magic Hour”

+This is how you shoot a millennial Hip-Hop music video
-I wouldn’t have minded some more integration with the 8-bit video game scenes

Alexander Spit – “Bon Voyage”

+The splashes of color really pop out against otherwise monotone backdrops… I’m not sure how intentional it was but it turned out great
-If there’s some idea or concept to grasp, I probably didn’t get it

Hopie Spitshard – “Solar Systems”

+I love how Hopie ain’t afraid to experiment with all elements of her craft
-I’m lukewarm on much of the song… not counting the tempo/language switchup at 1:45.

Spazzkidd – “Lovers” (via Sushi, Cats & More)

+What did I just watch? Someone get Spazz and TOKi to collab!
-No seriously, what did I just watch?

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