The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 12/17/14 – The R&B Edition

Last week, we explored the slower paced side of Hip-Hop, and we’ve decided to continue down that path and jump fully into the world of R&B. To be honest, I think it’s a dying genre and am so glad to still see it represented by our artists. So if you’re looking for something a little more emotional/sensual/smooth, you’re gonna enjoy this bunch.

Ann One x Quinn – “Love Junkie”

+It’s an amazing return for Ann One. Great all the way around
-I’m a little less enthusiastic about Quinn’s contribution

P. Keys (Paul Kim) – “Tell Me (I Own It)

+Song is smooth. Real smooth.
-Don’t look for anything deep from this video, ‘cept a whole lotta half-nekkidness

August Rigo – “The Girl Who Has Everything”

+It’s nice to hear a simple R&B ballad from August
-Although well done, I woulda liked something more than a glorified lyric video

Nicole Scherzinger – “Bang”

+She’s definitely still got it – dancing, vocals, looks.
-But how old is too old for twerking? Late 30’s might be pushing it, if you ask me.

Jhene Aiko – “Wading”

+Great song – but doth mine eyes decieve me? Asian male leads?! I see you, Peter from K-Town Cowboys!
-Dug the video up until the “requisite” martial arts… and the SWAT team… what was that?

Jessi Malay – “Thing About Love”

+It’s good to hear Jessi flex her vocal chops a little more than usual
-Beautiful people bumping uglies then being ugly to each other. Non-stop, for 4 minutes. And who sits in a circle of candles? That’s some witchcraft-ouija board level of foreplay right there.

Jasmine Villegas – “That’s Me Right There” (acoustic version)

+I definitely prefer this over the original
-It’s missing Kendrick, who was the dopest part of the original

D-Pryde – “Time of Your Life”

+If you ever wondered if Prizzy’s singing can carry an entire tune… it can
-That being said, it’s a cool switch up but I much prefer when he mixes rap and song.

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