The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 10/22/14 – Groups & Collabs Edition

We’ve got some more mini-reviews served up for ya. We’ve gone through our backlog and highlighted the ones done by duos, groups and/or collaborations with other artists. There are definitely a few grade-A viewings in this batch, so pour out your favorite beverage and make it a Youtube music video festival type of evening.

DANakaDan x afterschoolspecial x Traphik x JK Films x Pigeon John x Verseatile – “Future Rockstars of America”

+That line-up. Some of SoCal’s finest. Plus ASS reunited!
-NOthing really. They misspelled Verse’s name in the title credits, I guess. Also, IZ didn’t spit.

Us – “No Matter Where You Are”

+So this is what major label backing gets you. I see you, Us. I see you.
-I understand the movie tie-in. It’s important. But I could have done without the footage.

G.R.L. – “Ugly Heart”

+One of their catchiest tunes yet
R.I.P. Simone Battle =(

The Dance (formerly known as Smokey Robotic, with Illmind) – “Cheers”

+Good lawd, Ill can make some good beats
-I don’t have much… maybe the strobe light was mildly irritating?

Run River North – “Monsters Calling Home”

+This is one of my favorite songs of theirs, so I’m glad it got a video
-I wasn’t in any of their tour footage. I went to one of their shows. How dare they exclude me.

Dia Frampton (featuring for tyDi) – “Stay”

+Dia sounds great on this country/EDM crossover
-No footage of Dia. </3

Sam Ock (featuring for GEMINI) – “All My Love”

+Lounge/Jazz/Pop has always been a great sound for Sam
-I found the narrative of the story a bit dull

Lil Crazed (featuring for Johnny Jett) – “To the Million”

+Haven’t heard auto-tune in a while. They pulled it off fairly well.
-This track was very one sided. Crazed carried it, Jett needed him on it.

J. Reyez x JimmyBoi x Thai – “Don’t Bother Me”

+I’m always a fan of veteran MCs collab-ing together.
-When I saw the lineup of the song, I knew almost immediately what the video was gonna look like. Booze, Boobs, and Whips. *Yawn*

Jasmine V x Kendrick Lamar – “That’s Me Right There”

+Jasmine sure grew up from her Bieber video girl days.
-It’s never good when the feature outclasses the host artist. Kendrick’s verse was the best part of the track.


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