The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 1/7/15 – Rosetta Stone Edition

Greetings! So we’ve got the first mini-review round-up for 2015, and this time we decided to focus on the import side rather than domestic. We’ve got languages represented from all across Asia, so hopefully you’ve got a copy of Rosetta Stone or Google Translate ready cause you’re gonna need it!

CL x G-Dragon Feature for Skrillex x Diplo – “Dirty Vibe”

+CL & GD show why they are the crown jewels of YG, and prove they have international appeal
-But sometimes it comes off like they are trying too hard to appear relevant in the street fashion world

eSNa – “I, I Love You”

+A great overseas debut for Esna! So proud of her! [Bonus Eng Version]
-Not much to complain about, really.

Jason Chen – “I Hate Sorry” (對不起)

+This may be my favorite video from Jason Chen. Pretty well acted and strong production values.
-I just wish I understood Chinese…

Emi Meyer x Seiichi Nagai – “新しい季節”

+It’s such a cute and fun tune & video
-I wish they made more extensive and effective use of the stop motion; it seemed half-baked

Yoon Mirae x Tiger JK x Bizzy – “Angel”

+Tasha and her crew have their musical chemistry down to a science
-Though I can’t help but miss their short-lived SunZoo days

Laura Mam – “Kyom Min Sok Chet Te”

+I’m loving the throwback vibe. Laura is really in her element here.
-However, I can’t give her all the credit as this is a cover; albeit a well done one.

Megan Lee – “Christmas List”

+Smooth song. I’m diggin it (even if I’m late and Christmas has passed)
-The video has focus issues. I’m guessing too much reliance on a flaky auto-focus on the DSLR. It’s annoying.

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