Controversy Surrounds a Leaked Judith Hill Song That Allegedly Sympathizes with Kim Jong Un



Sony’s The Interview already has plenty of bizarre story lines behind it, but this one is a bit extra ridiculous. Sometime last week, news surfaced that Judith Hill, an immensely talented singer and former Voice contestant, had a song leak that had been dubbed “A Love Letter to Kim Jong Un”.

Some of the lyrics painted the North Korean leader in an adorning light while lambasting James Franco.

“You got me transcending heaven, so don’t be confused … James Franco ain’t got nothing on you.”

“I could wait here 127 hours … it’s true … there’s only Oscar and baby it goes to you.”

The original story was that the song was submitted to Sony for The Interview, but was not used and so Judith hill changed some of the lyrics to what you read above, perhaps in an effort to mediate peace.

However, her people have come out and denied that narrative, insisting that the song was requested by Sony, as a parody of one her original songs. They also seemed to have gone on a legal tear, as all the domestic websites have taken the leaked audio clip down. But you can hear it from some other news outlets, like this one.

A rep for Hill tells us they did NOT submit the track to “The Interview” producers … it was requested of them by a Sony A&R rep. She also says the song is not putting James Franco down.

The rep also claims she was not attempting to mediate peace … and never changed the lyrics or title. The rep says it was simply a parody version of her song.

The singer spoke up on Twitter to verify their side of the issue.



And you know what? I’m definitely more inclined to believe her in this case. The original story just seemed too far-fetched and silly to be probable, let alone plausible. It really does seem like one big, ridiculous misunderstanding. But on a more exciting note, her debut LP is due to drop this year!

Source: TMZ, ChannelA

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