The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 2/4/15 – Less Is More Edition

We’re slowly but surely working through our backlog of videos. We’ve had some great categories to share with you the past few entries, but this week we wanted to keep things simple. All the videos in this batch are pretty much shot in a single location, with just a simple palette of colors. So it’s all a bit easier on the eyes, and as always, a treat for the ears. You know what they say, less is more.

Jhameel – “Feisty”

+Michael Jackson apparently possessed a half nekkid Asian dude
-Can’t say I love the Lost-Boys-of-Neverland look

Andrew Huang – “Her Majesty”

+The song is so peaceful, I wish I was at the beach
-I wouldn’t have minded some kind of screen-saver type ocean footage

Mike-Dash-E – “I Do It”

+I’m liking the revival of the Pop-Up video
-The lighting is so inconsistent… it bugs me

Kina Grannis – “Oh Father”

+About as well shot as a simple acoustic performance can get
-I kinda wish she made some use of a vocal pedal or TC Helicon for effects

Jhene Aiko – “The Pressure”

+A great medium of story telling
-After a while, I couldn’t tune out the reverb effect. I found it distracting.

Jasmine V – “I Love Your Crazy”

+JV slows it down and shows off the softer side of her vocals
-The video really did nothing for me

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