Aziatix Also Announce Their Split from Cash Money Records


This isn’t exactly the newest of news, but it’s a recent discovery for us so we thought we’d pass along the information.  After hearing all the drama between Lil Wayne and Birdman/Cash Money, I became curious to see how Aziatix is doing. Remember, they signed with the label two years ago but with nary a word since.

Well, it turns out that they too have chosen to part ways from Birdman and company. Nothing really came of their deal so it makes sense and if anything, the momentum they had been building prior to that has completely eroded away at this point.

Here’s the text of the official Facebook announcement they made at the tail end of 2014:

Hi everyone~
We are announcing that we have decided to officially part ways with Cash Money Records due to their extended waiting periods and uncertain release plans.
We are constantly making efforts to bring new music to our fans.
We will keep you updated on our future plans. As always, we are always grateful for all your continuous love and support. We love you all! God Bless! Happy New Year!

Although it seemed like a promising opportunity back then, this is yet another example of when a big label deal isn’t necessarily for the best. Let’s hope they can pick back up and kill it in 2015 and beyond!

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