New Music Tuesday: 2/24/15 – Blush, Masia One, eSNa, Archis

This last New Music Tuesday of February features a great line-up of female artists, each a great artist in their respective genres. Pop? Hip-Hop? K-Pop? Rock? Yea, you’re covered. I’m loving the variety here and there’s no bold or starring this week cause quite frankly, they are all recommended listens today.

[Single] Blush – “Crzy Love”
Notes: This track was supposed to feature Sean Kingston… not sure what happened
Get It: iTunes

[Single] Masia One – “88 Vibes”
Get It: Bandcamp

[Single] eSNa – “A Little Lovin”
Jazzy Pop
Notes: Listen to the English version here
Get It: Korean Music Stores
Stream It: Youtube

[EP Album] Archis – Archis
Indie Rock
Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes
Stream It: Spotify

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