The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 2/25/15 – The Sit Back and Relax Edition

Ugh. Hump day, amiright? But regardless of how your week is going I’m sure you wouldn’t mind some time to just recline and unwind. These tunes suit the cause perfectly as they are neither fast enough to energize you nor slow enough to induce lethargy. No friends, the following music videos/songs will help take some of the edge off and should nudge you along to your happy place.

AJ Rafael – “Brand New” (ft Jenn Im)

+AJ has been kind of quiet lately but this is a great return to form
-I really have nothing to complain about

Kore Ionz – “Starship”

+If you aren’t relaxed after this than you need a vacation
-I am kept warm by the heat of my envy as I watch this from my frigid Mid-Atlantic winter

Traphik – “It Feels Good”

+A fun look behind the scenes of Traphik’s life
-iphone is a pretty decent little camera, but not the greatest quality for a full music video

Dawen – “Roller Coaster” (雲霄飛車)

+I’m lovin the use physical special effects and props
-N/A other than the fact I can’t understand it

eSNA – “Gentleman”

+Jazz Pop is definitely a perfect genre for eSNA
-For  song with so much character, it would have been nice to have seen some more of the titular “gentleman”

Kevin So – “June Carter Cash”

+Stoked to hear new music from Mr. So!
-But this video was evidently shot with a potato… and meant for your Betamax player from 1987


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