Megan Lee to Star in Musical TV Series – Make It Pop – on Nickelodeon

Remember a few months back when we told you that Nick Cannon was shopping a new show based on K-Pop? It was being billed as a possible international take on Korea’s highly successful Dream High musical series and could air on Nick(elodeon). Well… I thought it was a long shot but apparently Cannon sure has a lot of clout at his company because the show has been given the green light. Best of all? It stars a familiar face.

“Randomly selected to room together at boarding school, bookish Corki, fashion-forward Jodi and social media maven Sun Hi meet and bond over music. With the help of fellow boarding school classmate and DJ hopeful, Caleb, the girls grow from roommates to bandmates as they become a school-wide sensation and compete for a place in the upcoming school musical.”

Megan Lee has been cast Sun Hi and the show is called Make It Pop with it all set for an April debut. Pics or it didn’t happen? We’ll do you one better and show you the trailer.

Look for it next month on Nickelodeon! Congrats to Megan and we’re wishing her the best of luck with this new venture!

PS – I wonder what came about of her contract dispute and pending lawsuit with her former label in Korea, Soul Shop.

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