Traphik aka Timothy De La Ghetto Signs the Dotted Line with Creative Artists Agency

Congratulate Traphik, y’all – cause he more than deserves it. One of the hardest working men in showbiz has had an increasingly incredible past couple of years, and his latest accomplishment is definitely noteworthy. In his particular industry, it’s often not what you know but who you know… and now TDLG’s network has just increased in a very notable way.

It’s been reported that he’s signed on with CAA – one of the biggest names in the talent (and sports) agency game.  Just look at their current client list!

CAA said it will work to create opportunities for DeLaGhetto in traditional and digital entertainment, including film, television, commercial endorsements, distribution partnerships, personal appearances and publishing.

It’s not a guarantee of future continued success but it’s a damn good step in the right direction. Congratulations, Timmy!

Source: Variety

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