The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 3/18/15 – BARS Edition

What’s probably the most identifying characteristic of Hip-Hop? Rap. But nowadays rappers have so many ways to go about their craft so it’s almost refreshing when they return to their roots in the element – when all they wanna do is spit so hard it’s like they got strep throat. So today’s round-up features some of that classic, strong rap – like they got a chip on their shoulder. It’s all about the bars tonight.

Flowsik – “The Calling”

+Flow rapping like he got something to prove
-This video may induce seizures

Mike-Dash-E – “Intro”

+MDE sounds more determined than ever
-The bokeh effect is overused

Mike-Dash-E – “Hype”

+I’m always a sucka for a good soul beat
-There really isn’t much to see. It’s a much better listen than watch

D-Pryde – “Foolish Heart”

+This is like a Drake track if Drake was still hungry
-It was all a dream huh?

D-Pryde – “Roll Another”

+Versatile flow, love the switch ups
-Weak hook

Honey Cocaine – “Shady Wit Me”

+Video quality is a step up for Honey
-That auto-tune dub gets old, quick

Derez  – “Un’stand Me”

+I’m liking the spacey yet aggressive beat
-Squished aspect ratio, muted colors… not a high quality visual

Derez & Friends – “That’s Not the Punchline Cypher”

+Lots of variety in this cypher
-I think Derez needs anger management…


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