Did You Watch Jin Reunite with Wyclef at SXSW?

With SXSW firmly set in the rear view mirror, there is always so much to cover as it is always a jam-packed event. But one particularly noteworthy moment that is as a-Tunes press worthy as it could ever be is when Jin had the opportunity to reunite with an old mentor, Wyclef Jean.

Clef was being interviewed and while Jin was at the festival he jumped at the chance to attend as an audience member. During a Q&A session, Jin approached the mic and gave a shoutout to the former Fugees member – and well The Rest is History.

After the interview, which was conducted by journalist Nick Huff-Barili, they gave members of the audience an opportunity to ask Jean questions. Jin approached the mic.

“I didn’t have so much as a question,” Jin said, “but I definitely wanted to acknowledge him and thank him because it just dawned on me in that moment a very real thing, which was, I don’t think I really ever got to fully tell him, ‘Man, thank you for contributing to my journey.’

You can read more at Rapzilla.

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