The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 4/8/15 – The LOL Edition

Humor is a hard thing to pull off in music. Mainly cause you have to take a conceptual punchline and carry it for 3+ minutes. So it’s to be expected with the following videos that dare to tread that line do so to some mixed results. Each video has their highs and lows, but I wouldn’t expect everyone to love every MV. But if you’re looking for a chuckle with your music, start here!

Andrew Huang – “Pony Funk”

+No, you’re not on acid. That all just happened
-But I can’t say the same for our buddy Andrew…

Traphik Joins Nick Cannon, Migos, & Future – “Pajama Pants”

+Traphik’s Wild’n Out involvement continues to pay off
-I really never heard Nick’s raps before… can’t say I’m a fan

Ryan Higa – “S.W.G.”

+Kina Grannis & Capri Sun. Btw, this is the exact opposite of the video above
-If I wake up chanting S.W.G. tomorrow, I’m gonna be annoyed

Jason Chen x Blogilates x KaliMuscle – “Tasty”

+It’s relatable, corny fun
-a little too relatable…. I’m hungry

Jason Chen x Charity Vance – “Left Swipe Dat”

+Jumps back and forth between humorous
-and a little preachy

Gunnarolla – “Struggling Aspiring Musician”

+Great balance of humor and melodrama
-Unfortunately it probably hits a little too close to home for many of our artists


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