Required Reading: Superstars (Including Wanting Qu & G.Na) Who are Unknowns in their Home of Canada


The National Post has a great article about some of the biggest stars to come out of Canada… but are virtual unknowns in their own communities. Models, actors, and yes – singers too – have come out of our Northern neighbors’ borders and hit it big in internationally, yet experience mild obscurity when they return to their homeland. Wanting Qu and Kpop’s G.Na are two great examples of artists mentioned who have made a huge name for their selves outside of the Maple Leaf.

…There’s the inescapable fact that rolling the dice on a Chinese career is infinitely more lucrative than rolling the dice on a North American career.

“A 1% hit there is tens of millions of people,” said Raymond Massey, a Vancouver-based film producer specializing in Chinese co-productions. “A 1% hit here is nothing; you might as well keep flipping burgers.”

The article also touches on the topic of identity and home – with those mentioned not being associated by the media as true Canadians.

Wanting Qu, similarly, is generally seen as a Chinese singer who just happens to be living in Canada.

Although it’s not an in-depth study or cultural analysis publication, the article does raise some interesting questions on the idea of fame, entertainment, culture and identity. Perhaps the much of the Western world still doesn’t recognize fame outside our hemisphere as truly noteworthy as the domestic contemporaries?’

Wither way it’s definitely a recommended read!

Source: National Post

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