The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 4/15/15 – Crews, Groups & Bands Edition

Greetings! As we continue to clear through the backlog, we’re piling it on with a set of videos that’s all about teamwork. Crews, groups, and bands are all being put on display here as they rep their craft through power in numbers. What do you think of this batch?

Anthony Lee & the Kinjaz  – Dancing to “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd

+Digging the locale and camera work
-I’m spoiled but this isn’t AL’s strongest video

Mike Song & the Kinjaz – Dancing to “Habits” by Jaymes Young

+Loving the song choice
-Too bad it’s only a minute and change long

Big Pete & Paradise Featuring for Footwerk -“Open Oceans”

+Great mix of bluesy rock & hip-hop
-Woulda been cool to see more of both Pete & Paradise in the video

The Yellow Boyz – “Ima Get It”

+I like the editing style
-Song was very repetitive

Lions Ambition – “Spin Cycle”

+Looks like these guys are a fun bunch
-But really not much to see here

Lions Ambition – “Flying Free”

+Songs like this are a perfect representation of their sound
-I would have liked to have seen a proper video made for this one

Megan Lee & XO-IQ – Various songs from Make It Pop
[Note: I’m not gonna review this bunch as they are all pretty much just clips from the TV show, and I am clearly double the age of their intended demographic]
“Get It Right

“The Rules”

“Luv ‘Em Boys”

“Friday Night”

“Do It”

“Light It Up”

“Make It Pop”

“Who We Are”


“My Girls”

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