Let Awkwafina Guide You Through NY With Her New Book!


And Awkwafina only keeps expanding her reach! The musician slash rapper slash TV personality is now adding another slash to her repertoire – author of a new book! This week, she dropped Awkwafina’s NYC where she takes you on her own personal journey through the city of New York as your guide.

Walking shoes? Check. Metrocard? Check. Sombrero? (Just a suggestion.)

Let Awkwafina—the Queens-born rap artist of “NYC Bitches” fame—be your guide to the hidden gems of New York City (natives, we’re talking to you, too.) with 10 walking tour adventures that you don’t need a trust fund to enjoy. Travel back in time exploring revolutionary-era Tottenville or Louis Armstrong’s house in Corona. Gorge yourself on the haute-cuisine of the street-savvy, from authentic pierogi in Little Poland to steam dumplings in Flushing. Roll with Awkwafina, and she’ll show you the neighborhoods you never knew you were missing (and a few you were missing the point of).

Pretty cool, huh? You can pick up the book right away! Congrats on the release, Awkwafina!

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