The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 4/22/15 – The Comeback Edition

Don’t call it a comeback! Even though it kind of is… We haven’t seen these artists in a music video in a while so thought it only right to share their new material with you all. It’s good too these familiar faces again and we can only hope this is the beginning of many more in the short term.

Yuna – “Broke Her”

+Dope Drake sample flip
-It’s been way too long, Yuna

Nump Trump x Cousin Fik x Ezale x Droop E x Rollin Beatz – “Share No Blunts”

+Good to see Nump and 454 in general still active
-Nump rapping about blunts? No way! He’s never done that before!

Rook – “It’s a Stick Up”

+Rook’s been through a lot the past few years so I’m so glad he’s back at it
-It’s a nice announcement but not quite grand statement of a comeback

Lyricks – “Justified”

+Lyricks lives up to his name, per usual
-Can’t say the video did anything for me

Julianne Manalo – “All In”

+Both Julianne and the video look great
-The song feels a bit dated. Great for a 2005 romcom, not so much for 2015

Lyrics Born Features for Somehow at Sea – “Things They Wish They Could”

+I kinda love the lo-fi quality of the video
-but same time, it’ still ugly as sin

Masia One x C Infamous – “88 Vibes”

+I can appreciate the nod to culture
-I was sick of the hook by the end of the song


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