Required Reading: Rino Nakasone Choreographs Her Dream Career



Rino Nakasone is one of the brightest stars of the dance world, and she’s certainly left her mark in music industries the world over. A new interview/article by Tokyo Weekender does a great high level review of Rino’s professional life – from it’s start to her semi-controversial days as a Harajuku girl to earning her reputation as one of Asia’s hottest choreographers. Here’s a peek at the article:

At the age of 19 she went out to America, against her mother’s wishes, in an attempt to become a professional dancer. Since then she has worked with people like Gwen Stefani, Mary J. Blige and Rihanna, appeared in the films “You Got Served” and “Dance Flicks” and finished runner-up in “America’s Best Dance Crew” with her group The Beat Freaks.

She has also choreographed dance routines for some of Japan and Korea’s biggest acts including AKB48, Tohoshinki and Girls’ Generation. It would, therefore, be fair to say that things have gone pretty well for her since moving to the States, but if hadn’t been for a chance encounter in a coffee shop things might have turned out quite differently.

You should definitely read the rest of the article. I’m a big Rino fan and I only came away with a greater appreciation for her drive.

Source: TW

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