The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 4/29/15 – The Feels Edition

Good evening faithful readers. I hope you are ready for something of an emotional roller coaster. Music can be very powerful and used to portray, evoke, and capture a wide range of emotions and these songs & videos tend to do exactly that. We’ve got everything from the celebration of love, to the mourning of the loss of life, to the woes of heartbreak. You’ll smile, you’ll frown, heck – you may even shed a tear.

Kina Grannis – “My Dear”

+Remember when Kina got married? Well here’s the MV using footage from that beautiful day
-Sorry to everyone out there who was/is in love with Kina

Z. Woods – “Vem Tänker Du På”

+God I miss good R&B
-We need more good R&B

Kevin So – “Breakdown”

+Country always did lend itself to more emotive material
-Looks like it was shot on an iphone…3G

Jasmine V – “Walk Away”

+A well done modern R&B tune
-That soft focus is way overdone

Sam Ock – “Make Me Smile”

+This was a refreshing track of Sam’s Grey album
-No complaints really. Fun/silly video

Jason Chu – “They Won’t Shoot Me”

+Always inspired when artists use their craft to tackle tough topics
-RIP Freddie Gray. Stay strong, Baltimore.

Lions Ambition – “Suddenly”

+I’m liking the post-grunge-lite type of vibe
-Though it sounds a bit more fitting for 2005 vs 2015

D-Pryde – “What U Need”

+For those who have been following Pryde, his mom has been sick a while and finally passed on April 9th. This song wasn’t particularly “feels” evoking, but it’s dedicated to her.

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