Snapshot: Who Got Married This Past Weekend? Kina Grannis Did

We gotta admit, this bit of news caught us by surprise. Word/rumor began trickling out a couple days ago that Kina Grannis had gotten married to Jesse Epstein (otherwise known as Imaginary Friend). We knew they were working and had toured together but we never knew they were dating! I guess we just weren’t paying close enough attention.

Our spidey sense first began tingling when we saw this status update on facebook.

today is quite a day, indeed. ❤
And then, she posted up this picture with the hashtag of #imaginarygroom:
Kina x Jesse (Imaginary Friend)

As if it wasn’t enough confirmation, Kina then shared the following image:

Honeycomb – comb + moon = …

Lastly, Jesse posted this image.

So I don’t now what further evidence you need. It looks pretty definitive that Ms Grannis is now Mrs Epstein. I know a lot of you guys are bummed, but in the end, I’m sure we’re all incredibly happy for the newlyweds. If not, maybe you can relate to this.

Congrats, Kina & Jesse – we wish you nothing but the best!

Say Cheese!

11 thoughts on “Snapshot: Who Got Married This Past Weekend? Kina Grannis Did

  1. Just need Cathy Nguyen to marry a white dude. I thought asian female youtube stars were immune to white worshipping. Guess not

  2. “Married” doesn’t mean “name change.” She could very well be married and have decided to keep her name. Or the both could have changed it, or they could make up a new one. Thousands of options. Not just one.

    Females can also be bummed about her marrying.

  3. Wow I guess I am so late….I knew they were dating, I just didn’t know they’re married now! She looks young to be married….oh well she’s 29, I guess it was the right time….

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