Worst Ever: TMZ Correspondent Makes Fun of KPOP Group’s Korean Accent

First, watch the following.

Now, let’s talk about it. We’ve covered a number of racist issues before, us being an Asian-American related website and all – so this kind of thing actually seems a bit mild in comparison. A uber popular KPOP group, EXID, arrived in town and it was apparently mayhem at the airport so TMZ does what they do best – making the ultimately unimportant, important.

Do I take offense with what was aired? Not exactly. I’ve heard and seen worse. To be fair, as soon as the woman started to go into the accent, a lot of people immediately threw up their hands in protest – as if to say “No. Not right, don’t go there”. Some KPOP stars are also voicing their disgust.

I get it. It’s a sensitive topic. We – as Asians – don’t particularly enjoy caricatures of our accents and languages, because more often than not it’s done in a belittling way. The reporter’s defense was that if it were a British accent, she would have done that impression too – however it’s important to remember that the British accent is more often coveted and admired than otherwise.

So was her intent racist? Probably not. She was just ignorant and made an attempt at humor that didn’t fly over well. I don’t particularly hold that against her. It was a dumb, silly mistake that just happened to touch on a deeper sociological and cultural level.

Oh and there’s KPOP. Who’s fandom is more bitingly reactive over their passion than mobile phone fanboys with their devices, hipsters with their coffee, and soccer fans combined.

I’m not mad. I just shake my head and chuckle and move on.


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