New Music Tuesday: 5/26/15 – Dumbfoundead, J. Han, Meg Frampton, Natalise, Andrew Huang


Ah, New Music Tuesday. A weekly rite of passage for the freshest of music. AKA, this is the day we share new tunes from the past week or so. It’s the last week in May, but we still got a handful of projects for you to check out. Rap? Rock? Glitch/Funk? Yea, you’re covered. May your ears be pleased this week.

[Single] Dumbfoundead – “Mellow Yellow”
Get It: Soundcloud
Stream It: Youtube

[Album] J. Han – Tower Ivory
Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes
Stream It: Spotify

[Single] Meg Frampton – “Getting Nowhere”
Get It: Online Store
Stream It: Soundcloud

[EP Album] Natalise + the Sunset Run – Glimpses of the Sun
Adult Contemporary
Get It: iTunes

[EP Album] Andrew Huang – Bouncy Castle
Get It: Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes
Stream It: Spotify

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