The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 5/27/15 – Parental Guidance Suggested Edition

This week we bring you some recent MVs that are a little on the grittier side. Whether because of suggestive content, gratuitous violence, usage of recreational substances or just plain mature themes, they are included in this round-up. Does a little bit of edge make for a better release? I’ll let you be the judge.

Jason Chen – “Bittersweet”

+Nice to see/hear something from JC with just a little bit of edge
-It’s a cleanly shot video but not super original

Jay Park – “Sex Trip”

+I’m glad JP hasn’t forgotten his English speaking fans
-I still can’t shake the impression that he’s trying too hard to appear cool

Yellow Boyz – “Tipsy Toe”

+There’s not a whole lot I was feeling… maybe the production?
-There really isn’t much here to appreciate

Mike-Dash-E – “Right Now”

+I’m oddly impressed of their usage of a laundromat for this video. The proprietors must be some really chill folks.
-Gratuitous and over done type of video

Mike-Dash-E – “Down for My”

+I like that MDE went in a fun, creative direction a la Set It Off
-One YT commenter said it was “Kinda dope…” and I have to agree. Not bad, not great of a release.

Traphik Features for Sonyae Elise – “FUKit” (Remix)

+Decent chemistry between the two rappers, I like the chiptune style beat
-Meh hook

D-Pryde – “Cameron Diaz”

+Good mixture of song and rap, per usual for D-Pryde
-Understandably so, but Prizzy just seems to have been in a dark place the past year , especially leading up to his Mom’s passing

Far East Movement x Hook N Sling – “Break Yourself”

+A pretty intriguing video overall
-I’m not enthusiastic about a growing trend where FM’s vocal contributions to songs are shrinking


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