The Fung Brothers Go Big Time With Their Own Series on FYI

This isn’t quite breaking news, as its been happening for the past month, but The Fung Brothers have landed their own recurring series on the FYI network. Sure, its one of the smaller circulated tv channels, but it’s still a national cable network and the two guys get to sample food all across the country under the constraints of a budget in a show called Broke Bites: What the Fung?!.

In “Broke Bites: What the Fung?!,” The Fung Brothers, take viewers on a comedic culinary journey as they eat their way across the U.S., all while attempting to eat like “ballers” on a budget. With just fifty dollars each to spend on the best cheap eats, the brothers will sample the most iconic food – from authentic, regional cuisine to more innovative and modern bites – each city has to offer.

From New Orleans, to Tampa, Asheville and more – the brothers meet chefs and foodies like themselves, while gaining access to the kitchens and people behind the food they eat. They also learn hands-on how to make signature dishes from restaurant owners and chefs.

They’ve come along way from their Model Minority days as the rappers, D-One & Inglish.

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