Harry Shum Jr x Kina Grannis Star in Wong Fu’s ‘Single by 30’

This was released a couple weeks ago, but for those of you who have been busy and are just catching up, you’re probably gonna wanna see this.

Millennial nostalgia is in full swing now, and a lot of us are reminiscing on days gone by. Let me tell you from experience, 30 sneaks up on you quicker than you think. Harry Shum & Kina Grannis star in this new Wong Fu short that explores the themes of love, growth, life and reconciliation.

But the interesting thing about this clip is that it’s something of a pilot episode to gauge interest in a future related project.

This isn’t the first time Harry & Kina have flexed their on screen chemistry, but for a couple of entertainers known more for their dance moves and singing voices respectively, they deliver an uneven but relatable and heartfelt performance.

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