The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 7/1/15 – Smooth Moves Edition

I personally love covering some of the bigger dance crews here on a-Tunes. So it was a lot of fun for me to review a lot of the recent dance music videos that a couple of the major troupes have dropped recently. If you’re a fan of dance and dance culture, this is definitely the round-up for you.


+Slick, SLICK editing
-I’m still confused from seeing them without masks


+Dope song choice
-As cool as the dance was, it’s still no Jason Chen group dance number

+I never would have guessed Kinjaz would jam out to this song, but they killed it
-This appears to be a very meaningful piece for Ben, I just wish we could understand why

+I’m liking the change of pace in all aspects
-I actually think they could have done a little more with the video

+It’s silly fun
-But I’m not sure this is as nearly entertaining as they thought it’d be

Kinjaz x BNGA

+It’s cool to see different styles of dance with this collaboration
-The different locales would easily stand alone as separate videos, but they aren’t really cohesive as a single visual

+It’s a small change, but the dusty ground makes for a really cool effect
-Collaboration is great, but who else would have liked to see the two crews battle?


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