Jason Chen Premieres the MV for “AutoTune”

After hearing about it for a while now, Jason Chen has finally released the song and video for his newest single, “AutoTune”. It’s just as cheesy and goofy as the previews indicated, but sometimes that’s what bubble gum pop is all about! It’s like an all Asian-American episode of Glee. Bubzbeauty stars as the leading lady with cameo appearances by Joseph Vincent, David So, JK Films, Paul Kim and more.

Purchase: Amazon, Bandcamp, Google Play, iTunes (Coming Soon)

Produced by: Smash Hitta and The Shimpsons
Written by: Jason Chen, Adien Lewis

Executive Producer: Jason Chen
Director/Editor: Ed Park
Sponsored by YesStyle
Produced by Don Le, Grace Shim
1st AD/Wardrobe: Dennis “Zerker” Chang
Camera Op: Dan Fisher / Martin Gradek
Dance Choreography: Justine Hsu, Jeniffer Hsu from Evoke Dance Company

Dancers: Yoshi Wright, Josh, JT, Jasmine
Gaffer: David Keton
Makeup: Tina Ong
BTS: Paolo Ongkeko
BTS Photo: Steven Lam
PAs: Angela Tan, Owen Scott, Charley Chong

(Verse 1)
I was young lost stupid didn’t know what I was doing wrong
just eat sleep feeling free then i’d party all night long
but I would never get too worried
about the little things in life
I knew I won the lottery
Cause baby can’t you see

Just thinking about you as I sing this song
cause when you’re around I can do no wrong
And I’m never too sharp, never flat
girl imagine that
You always know how to bring me right back
when my pitch is off
you make it all right when its all so wrong
You’re my auto tune, you can be my auto tune

(Verse 2)
Now I’ve found my way girl ever since you came along
as i listen to the radio, bumping to our catchy song
you mean more than a grammy
and all the money in the world
every time that i get off key girl
continue to save me

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