The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 7/23/15 – The New New Edition

Yea, we’re finally getting far enough through our backlog of videos where we can post round-ups of the latest and greatest. We still have some older ones to push through the mini-review batches, but we wanted to focus on the freshest releases this week. All of the following videos have dropped in the past week or so, and thankfully they are all pretty solid watches through and through.

Lyricks x Robyn – “Can’t Breathe”

+Perhaps Lyrick’s most poignant and vocal release yet
-Heavy, unfortunate source material. RIP to those that have lost their lives.

Mike B – “Degrees”

+Probably Mike B’s most polished work yet
-I like the Dumb cameo, but I’d like a guest feature more

Jin – “Dear Dom”

+A fun revisit at a bit part in 2 Fast 2 Furious for Jin
-I hope this lands Jin a cameo, but I’m not holding my breath

Dawen – “其實你已經知道” (You Already Know My Heart)

+Looks like Dawen’s making moves overseas!
-As much as I’m happy for his success, it’d be cool for a domestic English drop now and then

Gunnarolla – “Can You Stand the Heat?”

+Humorous in an inane, goofy kind of way
-Such a bizarre sponsored ad

Steve Aoki x Linkin Park – “Darker Than Blood”

+Another cool futuristic video from SA
-I can’t be the only one that misses a rapping Mike Shinoda. Fort Minor, where’d you go?

Andrew Huang – “Mario Trap”

+I loved it, but I’m both a video game and music geek
-I didn’t know it until now, but my life needs more videos with artists faces superimposed on video game characters’ bodies

Kinjaz – “Rice-keteers”

+Can do the Kinjaz do no wrong at this point?
-Their world travels will evoke dance envy and wanderlust



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