The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 7/29/15 – Collab Edition

It’s been a few months since we exclusively featured collab videos. So there you go, this one is all about multiple artists coming together to bring you some new media. After all, teamwork makes the dream work! Stay tuned next week where we’ll have a whole new batch of music videos to share with you.

Keith Ape x A$AP Ferg x Father x Dumbfoundead x Waka Flocka Flame – “IT G MA” (remix)

+This is a testament to how global Hip-Hop has become
-But maybe I’m just an old fool but I never fully understood the widespread appeal of the original track

Andrew Huang x Diveo – “Changing”

+This is perfect video game music. Love the blending of genres
-Video is cool but I’m spoiled from some of Andrew’s insanely creative videos and want more

Timothy Flu x Mic Barz – “Somethin’s Gotta Give”

+Good to hear from Flu again, where’s he been?
-Standard street mv you’d find on some bootleg DVD from 2005

Shogunna x Cali RP – “Top Back”

+Song is aight. Glad Sho still makes an appearance now and again
-Video is a lazy effort

Kato x Scotty ATL x London Jae – “Senses”

+Kato’s been making moves. Been following him for a decade and I couldn’t be happier for him
-He’s great behind the boards but I wouldn’t mind hearing Kato spit a few bars for old time’s sake

DANakaDAN x Sam Kang x Yuri Tag – “Space Ship”

+Video is a lot of goofy fun
-But it does tread into campy/corny territory every now and then. But perhaps that’s the appeal.


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