Cello Joe’s House Burned Down, Here’s How You Can Help

Remember the street performer cellist that we shared about a little while ago, Joey Chang aka cellojoe? Unfortunately, about a week ago, he and his girlfriend woke up to an unfortunate house fire. They did their best to grab what they could and thankfully survived the catastrophe – but as you can imagine, the end losses were still quite sizable. A crowdfunding campaign to help them recover and rebuild their lives and livelihoods has been created and here’s the link if you’re interested in pitching in to help.

Dear friends,
Two days ago my life went up in flames. There was a fire in my home. An explosion woke me up and my girlfriend up. As the fire grew so fast around us, I grabbed my best cello keys wallet and phone and ran out the door. I’ve never been so grateful to be alive.

I saved my primary, most valuable cello. It was the only thing I grabbed besides keys/wallet/phone. I lost two other important cellos, so much gear…instruments…so much.

This is a photo of the remains of the collapsible travel cello (the prakticello) that I have played since 2011, made by luthier Ernest Nussbaum.

Toni Tone and I are thankful to be alive and thankful for our tribe for creating an emergency fund to help. We had no renters’ insurance and feel the strength of our community coming together to help figure what is next. Really, so so grateful.

Between the two of us, we probably lost over $30,000 worth of equipment, furniture, technology, art, puppets, clothes, valuables of all sort, many truly irreplaceable.

If you’d like to help, you can here:

If anyone has a tuxedo, fine dress clothes for performing, or even things like pajamas and shoes, funky bohemian hats. My clothing size is a medium/large shirt size. 32-34 waist and shoe size is: 10.5-11

If you’d like to send care packages, art, post

We wish them the best as they try to piece their lives back together and press forward.

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