The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 9/23/15

Just like we promised last week, now that we’re all caught up we’re gonna go a little more in-depth with our weekly MV round-ups. If you care what we think, then you can read our take on each video, otherwise this is just a great way for you to catch up on the latest music videos released in the past week or so. For every opinionated point that you disagree with, donate $1 to your favorite charity – for every point you agree with, call a friend or relative and tell them you love them. K? Peace.

Ann One – “WhatULike”

With Ann One on the mic, Chops on the beat, and the Social Trust on the visuals – to say I had high expectations for this piece should be obvious. This minimalist video attempts to do a lot with a little and for the most part it pulls it off. It dabbles with the abstract, which is visually interesting but doesn’t do a whole lot to make me excited for her upcoming Butterfly Knife EP. Thankfully, the song does that well enough on it’s own with it’s sexy vibe and Ann’s smooth, moody voice.

Andrew Huang – ” Key Changes”

Andrew Huang continues with his song challenge series and this is yet another example of how multi-faceted his talent is. Showing off his penchant for music theory and composition, Andrew crafted an ambient-esque tune that bounces all over the scale. Video quality leaves some to be desired but it serves it’s purpose as an exercise in musicality.

Jason Chu – “When She Breaks Your Heart (Little Brother)”

Spoken word poetry is a medium that lends itself to be a bit heavy handed, but it allows us to explore topics that are hard to cover with as much depth otherwise. Thankfully, this piece was fairly well balanced in tone though I’m not sure it quite strikes the impassioned and inspirational tone it intended to. Also, the dramatic clips interwoven seemed like an afterthought and could have been fleshed out more thoroughly.

Toro Y Moi – “Half Dome”

At first glance, this came off like a hastily assembled promo video – but if you let it soak in a little bit and take in what the visuals have to offer, I think you’ll come away pleased. The time lapse footage of nature is awe-inspiring and when paired with Toro’s single, it evokes a nostalgic sense of Americana. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but I appreciated this one more than I initially thought I would.

One thought on “The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 9/23/15

  1. I need to know the most current work by Asian American artists. Authors like giftedthought are doing a good thing for us. Maybe one day we’ll get together some real authentic grassroots, raw, gritty, or old wood stuff. you can chase the mainstream, but it will kick back. I recently heard river runs north and liked growing up. Not new, but shows promise as a song.

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