D-Trix’s Dance Showdown Returns with AJ Rafael & Others on October 13th

I guess I’m a bit uninformed because I didn’t even know this show existed, but Dance Showdown is ready to start it’s 4th season with a few familiar faces in tow.

What is Dance Showdown? You should all already be familiar with D-Trix, one of the core members of Quest Crew. Well he hosts a show that can be best described as Dancing with the Stars, Youtube & Vine edition. Each new media star is paired with a dancer to compete for some prize money and a little bit of bragging rights.

This season features 6 contestants, most notably a-Tunes wise being singer AJ Rafael and model/media personality Arika Sato. Brian Brushwood, Jackie Hernandez, and Jorge Narvaez, and Vine star Gabbie Hanna round out the line up. The competition kicks off on October 13th!

If you’re the type who likes to see things as early as possible, you can catch the show on Vessel as well; otherwise Youtube will be your best (free) bet.

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