The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 10/14/15

As mentioned in yesterday’s New Music Tuesday post, I was on vacation recently so the material to report on piled up a little bit on me. But lucky for you, I’m bringing you both quantity and quality. You’re bound to enjoy a few of the following joints, so don’t let me keep you.

Liane V – “Strong”

The singer slash Vine star remains busy on social media, so it’s a welcome sight to see her promoting some new music. The video concept in contrast with the minamilistic tune is an intriguing choice, though I’m not sure it completely works. Overall, I’d say it’s a better listen than viewing.

J. Reyez – “Story Up”

I actually like the fact that the entire video is in B/W and takes place at night. It makes it a bit more interesting visually – my only complaint is the occasional soft focus, a common issue with dark lighting. The song itself ain’t too bad either, I’m digging the haunting piano loop.

Jhene Aiko – “Lyin King”

Jhene & co chose to go a more contemporary art piece type of direction in lieu of a traditional music video, and in that respect it’s refreshing. Is it a bit overambitious in conveying a message? Perhaps, but that’s definitely a point of subjective contention for each individual viewer. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this type of work from her contemporaries.

Level x Lil Crazed x Rob Campan – “What It Look Like” (prod by Chops)

I can’t say neither song nor video are especially memorable, whether positive or negative, and therein may lie it’s major flaw. Even the Chops beat, which is the best part of the track, comes close to his best material. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect for the eagle-eyed viewer is spotting cameos by artists like Danny Chung (aka Decipher).

Tim Be Told – “Love Ain’t No Love”

TBT has always brought a compelling mix of gospel, singer/songwriter and pop/rock genres. Thankfully, this hasn’t changed with this release. Although I do think they had a small lost opportunity with the video. Had they been more playful and polished with their use of frames (think Intro/Credits from Parks & Rec), it could have pushed the video from OK to great.

Stevie Hoang – “Somebody’s Girl”

OK, so on one hand it’s cool that Stevie went the DIY route and self-illustrated this lyric video. On the other hand, they are definitely the poor man’s replacement for 90’s/00’s AZN art in the style of Johnny Ngo. As for the song, it’s got a classic R&B sound to it, which I appreciate even if it does come off a bit dated. I’m looking forward to Stevie’s new album, come November.

Steve Aoki x Fall Out Boy – “Back to Earth”

I love how Aoki will work with so many different style of artists. If you’re a sci-fi nerd like myself, you can never get enough of seeing elements of it in music videos like this – even if the effects aren’t quite Hollywood-level of polished. I’m sincerely hoping this song gets some more exposure outside of the EDM world, perhaps in commercials or a TV show. It’s pretty darn catchy.

Fyke – “Awake”

Who remembers Enik in Burning Tree Project, before the days of IAMMEDIC? His new side project, Fyke, is more reminiscent of his former group with a shift in focus to Rock, supplemented by some electronic elements. The visual is a bit bare bones, which isn’t a bad thing but it won’t be something you watch over and over. But the song is definitely something that deserves a few spins in your playlist.

Pryde – “Boys on the Road”

If you’ve been following Prizzy all these years, it’s clear that he’s gone through and transformed a lot over the past years. Sonically, he’s more matured and polished than ever, effortlessly blending song and rap over an eclectic, at times bluesy production. Unfortunately, his video’s haven’t been as interesting ever since he stopped heavily working with Rik Cordero. Here’s to hoping he experiences growth and inspiration on both a personal and artistic level.


The following are dope dance MVs that I thought you all would enjoy. No commentary from yours truly to ignore.

Kinjaz – “Who Am I” by Saje x Sabina

Kinjaz – “Fill Me In Pt. 2” by Craig David

Ellen x Sabraina x Aye x Lydia Peak – “Dirty Vibe” by Skrillex x Diplo x CL x G-Dragon

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