Battle as Traphik aka Timothy DeLaGhetto in ‘Celebrity Street Fight’

When we say battle, we don’t mean rap battle. Instead, we’re talking about fighting your way through this 1v1 fighting game for mobile devices called Celebrity Street Fight.


Remember that show, Celebrity Deathmatch. Well if you take that concept and combine it with the likeness of various digital-age/new-media stars, and (loosely) package it as a fighting game, then you get this app. The makers are including a slew of caricatures of some well known personalities from Vine, Youtube, competitive gaming, and even business (Mark Cuban). So, of most interest to us here at a-Tunes is the inclusion of the one and only, Traphik. If you ever had the desire to throw down as any of these characters, this would be a dream come true for you. Plus, it looks like the app uses IAP microtransactions to swing some licensing fee coinage the stars’ way, if you were so inclined.

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That being said, the question remains – “is it any fun”? Well, I played it for a few minutes and didn’t love it. The gaming mechanics were kinda sloppy, but that’s not to say some of you all won’t get a kick (or punch HARHARHARHAR) out of this. They are going the freemium model, so it’s gratis to install, but you can purchase special moves and content if you’d like. You can find the full roster over at the game’s website. Check out the trailer below.


Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes

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