The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 11/12/15

Yea yea, I know these are a day late, and I apologize for the inconvenience. If you prefer, you can file a complain with the official hotline we’ve set up for you, please call 1-800-BOO-HOOO. Otherwise, you can just go ahead and enjoy the latest music videos from the past week or so, and all you rap and dance fans should enjoy a good chunk of this collection.

Daniel Kim – “Pop Danthology 2015 Parts 1 & 2”

DK’s yearly mash-ups are always umber impressive and a fun look back of the hottest music from the year. I can’t even fathom how much work goes into both the song and video, with all the editing, layering, mixing, sequencing, and arrangement – and so it’s nearly impossible for me to be critical at all. So I’ll leave it at that, it may not be “original” music, but it’s amazing nonetheless.

Far East Movement x Paul Mayson x Ben Thornewill – “Pray”

I’m not entirely sure whether to take this video at face value or look for something deeper, but it’s an OK video overall. Although it doesn’t necessarily benenfit or hurt the song in any largely influential way, its of little consequence as the track is strong enough on it’s own merit. FM’s participation is a bit light and their voices have been heavily altered – which seems to be the norm for them lately.

iNCH – “MouseDeer”

I really wish this song was available stateside, but as it stands it is only available in Singapore (from what I can tell). At least we get this adorably animated Lyric Video, which is more impressive than some folk’s full MVs. Hopefully she’ll find a way to make an agreement with her distribution to get this to her fans in the Western Hemisphere. I’m liking this one.

Ken Nana x Yung Koconut x Mike B – “Worth It”

On one hand, you could criticize the fact that they shot 90% of this video in an outdoor shopping center food court. On the other hand, you could commend them for making the most out of little and actually putting together a decent video. Sure, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before but it’s got some nice artistic touches and vibes with the song well.

Flowsik – “야, 너 (Yah, Nuh)”

Ooph, Flow on that bilingual flow. He sounds more polished than ever – you can still here the the grime from the rapper we knew from the Ice-T cosign days, but with a little bit more K-Pop esque mass appeal he picked up from his Aziatix stint. But it’s not all peachy as it looks like Flow must have spent all his money on his bright hair-do and couldn’t swing the ₩ for some decent lighting in that video.

Jay Park x Yultron x Loco x Ugly Duck – “BO$$”

The main reason we’re including this track is due to the inclusion of Yultron, which is a welcome surprise guest to see on this Jay Park track. The beat hits hard and sounds like something FM would have loved to drop. As for the raps, it’s a mixed bag but nothing that would make me turn if off. That female lead is a cutie though, props to whoever was in charge of casting, oh and shoutout to the cameo by Peter Jae of K-Town Cowboys fame.

To close us out, I leave you with two dance MVs by Kinjaz and Poreotics, respectively.

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