Required Reading: Danny Chung Chops It Up with Legendary Producer Chops

I’ll admit it. I haven’t been as diligent in making sure you have some important reading to go with your scheduled regiment of a-Tunes news. Our Required Reading features were meant to alleviate that by bringing you some great contextual reads (and views) from other fine sources. So let’s just pick back up with things with this fine piece by Danny Chung (aka Decipher), as he speaks to the man, the legend, the Mountain Brother… Chops. This interview was done on behalf of OogeeWoogee and is a pre-requisite for any fan of Asian-Americans in Music. Consider this your 101 course.

Source: Danny via OW.

Chops said that The Mountain Brothers were pressured early on in their careers to shoot videos in Karate uniforms and bring gongs on stage. They did not. They knew that would mean something entirely different from their message.

Chops Paved the Way for Asian-American Hiphop Before That Was a Thing on Oogeewoogee.

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