The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 11/25/15

Hopefully most of you get to enjoy the benefits of an extended weekend with family, friends, and food. But even if you don’t, I’m sure you can appreciate a playlist of the latest music videos as either an active or passive viewer. There are a few genuine gems in here and I more than certainly recommend you give some of these a watch. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sam Tsui x Rita Daniel – “Open Up the Sky”

Yea. That’s how you do a music video. Great one-take-ish style with some clever editing tricks to make use of a limited set. I know it’s a sponsored video courtesy of an airline, but when it’s executed like this, I really can’t complain. Also, great addition of Rita Daniel to refresh a song from a 2 yr old album.

Laura Mam x KhmengKhmer – “Navanny Ku Kyom”

I’ll admit, Laura Mam is far more versatile than I expected. I wouldn’t have guessed the former front-woman for The Like Me’s would be doing a Pop/Rap type of song, and would be doing it well. I say “well”, knowing that this is simply a promotional campaign to encourage reading and literacy in Cambodia, but I embrace it – corniness and all. Mam’s career has made some intriguing turns since it launched in Cambodia a few years ago.

J. Han – “Slow Down”

All I can think of is how far J. Han has come since his days as Katalist. The song does an admirable job of pushing a family values message without coming across to “Disney Channel”. The video is fitting but the use of slo-mo footage was really stretched, not leaving us a lot to see over the course of 4+ minutes. But all things considered, I liked it.

Bambu – “Progressive Tax”

This is supposedly the last entry in Bam’s Party Worker series. He continues with the expression of social, political, and economical unrest, using his music as a soapbox for the struggles of many in his community. While the message of the music carries a brevity that I can’t fully relate to, I respect it. Although, it’d be cool to see Bam switch it up from this series of heavy commentary and maybe find a way to enjoy himself for a single or two.

Cello Joe – “Digital Addiction”

I’m a big Cello Joe fan, I really am, but the production quality is really lackluster on all fronts for this song. It has a humorous concept but it’s just so rough I felt like I was watching a Windows Movie Maker clip posted to Myspace in 2007. I hope he remasters this in the future and does it proper.

Andrew Huang – “Sylvia”

Andrew’s ability to blend genres is uncanny, so it’s almost unfairly simplistic how he makes it all look. Today’s trap used as the foundation for an 80’s style pop song? No problem. The video makes all the right nods to the genres and time frames, though I wouldn’t call it anything near his best. But that’s the thing, a less than stellar Andrew video is still ahead many other artists’ best work.

Taboo x Kinjaz – “TRANSM1T”

Most of you young’uns prob don’t remember when the Black Eyed Peas was an underground Hip-Hop group that loved to break dance. This was pre-Fergie, of course. When I saw that BEP’s Taboo’s name was attached to this project, I didn’t know what to expect but I certainly did not come away disappointed. This one is a great mix of new and old school, and the Kinjaz killed it (as they always do). Now here’s to hoping they collab with the Filipino American BEP member,, sometime in the future too.

Kinjaz Dancing to “Fortune Days” by The Glitch Mob

Love, love, love the Bruce Lee inspired motif. Dope.

SNRG – “BaeArea”

It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from SNRG, so it’s encouraging to see and hear they continue to have new music in the works. I’m always curious to see how an artist chooses to spice up a lyric video, and this is a pretty decent way to do it. If I had to choose one gripe, it’d be that the lip sync is a bit off. Looking forward to the official release.

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