Korean Student That Went Viral w/ Adele Cover Performs on Ellen

Do you remember a couple weeks back when we shared the video of a South Korean student singing Adele’s latest hit, “Hello”? Well her name is Lydia Lee and her clip has 14M views and counting – no small feat for any singer out there. The viral nature of the clip also caught the attention of Ellen, who loves to feature internet sensations on her show, so guess who got flown out to perform the song on stage? That’s right, Lydia made an appearance on Ellen.

I’ll keep it real with you, it wasn’t nearly as captivating as her original clip, but I’ll chalk it up to nerves and switch up in accompaniment. Either way, it was a great opportunity for the kid and hopefully her talent can bring her more than 15 seconds of fame and grows into something a little more long term.

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