The Mid-Week Music Video Reviews Round-Up – 12/02/15

So here we are, already in the final month of 2015. Although the year is winding down, thankfully it seems like our artists are working harder than ever to bring you the fruit of their efforts in visual form. This is a pretty eclectic mix but there are a few must-watches in this batch, so I recommend you check em out. If you care for some aimless commentary provided yours truly, than you’re welcome. If you think I’m a bumbling idiot and only check out these posts because you don’t subscribe to these artists yourself, then ignore every bit of text from here on out and go get a Popsicle to enjoy while you watch these videos… and I hope you get brain freeze. Bye.

Joules x Jennifer Chung – “Lady Luck”

Perhaps the cutest musical husband and wife team not named Us the Duo, Joules and Jen Chung bring us this low-budget but endearing video. Joules lets his wife take center stage on his own joint and it’s a wise decision cause the girl sounds as good as ever. What they don’t deliver in production values they make up for in real life chemistry and a fun peek into the life of the semi-reclusive couple.

G Yamazawa – “Dining Room”

GY oozes authenticity, and I’m becoming more of a fan with every drop. It’s been a while since we last heard from the poet/rapper and he effortlessly manages to captivate me with song and visual. Anyone who understand the blue-collar immigrant struggle should be able to connect with this release, with lyrics that speak to the Asian-American dream spit over a hard hitting beat paired with a haunting melody… this one is to be appreciated on all levels. Well done.

Jane Lui – “Southern Winds”

When an artists choose to retread over old material, it can come off lazy and uninspired. But this could not be further from the truth in the case of Jane Lui. The woman labors over her art and this charming video is the perfect manifestation of that. This may be a revisit to a tune that is over 5 years old, but it’s as refreshing as ever and a welcome sight and sound. The best way I can describe it is timeless and beautiful and filled with heart.

Emi Meyer – “If I Think of You”

It’s great to get a new international single from Emi Meyer as opposed to a Japan-centric release. If you’re a fan of jazzy pop ballads a la Norah Jones, this should be right up your alley. As enjoyable and pleasant as the song was, I wish I could say the video held my interest just the same – but it’s pretty uneventful and adds little value to the song. Lots of crossfades, moody shots, reversed footage but little exposition.

Stevie Hoang x Mumzy Stranger x Andrea Galaxy – “One Last Time”

If I had one gripe about much of Stevie’s catalog, it’s that it often sounds a little dated. This new joint from Hoang and company brings things a little up to date, although it still feels like it would fit in more about 5 years ago. That being said, I enjoyed it enough and had it on repeat a couple times. The video is standard fare, but for a light Pop/R&B song like this, it gets the job done.

Run River North – “Run or Hide”

As the February release of RRN’s next album inches closer, I grow increasingly excited for what’s to come. Thankfully, this release only propagates my enthusiasm. If you’ve been following them since their Monsters Calling Home days, it’s crazy to see how much they’ve grown in just a couple years time. They are more polished and refined as ever and thankfully seem to have the resources to display that. We need more Asian-Americans in Rock but in the mean time, bands like Run River North are holding it down just fine.

XL Middleton – “Bumpin'”

I appreciate that XL Middleton ain’t afraid to switch things up and try new things conceptually with his work. However, I only wish he had the production values to go with it as the video has shaky footage, bad lighting, and poor pacing. The dude still manages to make me chuckle but there’s a lot of untapped potential here. Nonetheless, it’s a more entertaining listen than it is a watch, especially for those who like a little funk with their Hip-Hop.

Andrew Huang – “Air Horn”

One can never know what Andrew Huang is going to deliver, but they can typically expect it to be golden. This one is mildly impressive but ultimately on the lower tier when compared to his other work. Huang can make use of any sample, so I gotta give him props for that but this is definitely more of a throwaway exercise than a complete song.

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