Jake Shimabukuro Jukes His ‘Uke for the NFL


Sundays typically have a set, regular schedule for me. I wake up, go to Church, grab lunch, come home and watch the NFL for hours on end – usually interspersed with a nap or two here and there.  But imagine my surprise yesterday when during one of the transition segments, I see a familiar name and face play out the NFL on Fox theme.

That’s right. The duke of the ‘uke. The czar of the mini-guitar. The cray-cray ‘lele player. Mr. Jake Shimabukuro himself was on screen. It may have been a segment that only lasted 10-15 seconds, and it was never mentioned again, but I thought it was a very cool clip. The video was part of an on-site weekend at Pearl Harbor, a yearly tradition that Fox does to remember the events of December 7, 1941.

I’m not going to get into the context and discussion of what this day or Jake’s appearance does or doesn’t mean for Asian and American culture and history, but I’ll just say that at face value it was a cool opportunity for Jake to do his thing on a national level in his home state of Hawaii.

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