Check Out These Upcoming Films Starring Awkafina, Harry Shum Jr, and Timothy DeLaGhetto

The first half of this year has some special treats for us, as some prominent multi-faceted artists that we cover are going to be in some big name films! We’ve talked about a couple of these films before but now we have official trailers to get us hyped for their respective releases in the coming months. Unfortunately, neither Awkwafina, Harry Shum Jr., or Timothy DeLaGhetto are the main stars of their films, but it’s still one notable step for these actors and seeing minorities in the media in general. It’s a shame Traphik wasn’t actually included in the trailer though!

Awkwafina in Neighbors 2 – May 20th

Harry Shum Jr. in Crouching Tiger: Sword of Destiny – February 26th

Traphik aka Timothy DeLaGhetto (not featured in trailer) in The Perfect Match – March 11th

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