Required Reading: Run River North On Music, Friendship, and Struggling to Stay Together


Far too often, I come across interviews that are little more than glamorized press releases. Feature articles read like a more filtered version of an artist’s Wikipedia pages, and any information presented is carefully curated and polished for public consumption. I understand the intention but when an artist(s) isn’t afraid of getting a little raw, a little real, it’s incredibly refreshing to hear their candid opinions as they open up about both their triumphs and their struggles.

A couple weeks ago, Medium posted up this great interview/article on Run River North, where the band shares about how their bonds were tested and how they came to the brink of breaking up twice over the course of 2015. It is a fantastic read and very highly recommend, for dedicated, new, and casual fans alike. This is what life is like behind the scenes for a group of 6 individuals who struggle to balance their creative and personal ties to one another.

Sally: All in all, I think conflict is something that can help relationships grow stronger. I have no doubt that this album, tour, and year will be full of growing experiences that will keep us steadfast in our commitment to each other.

Check it out over at Medium.

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