New Music Tuesday: 2/23/16 – !llmind, Mike-Dash-E, Chase Bars, Alexander Spit


Here we are, already at the last New Music Tuesday for February 2016. Next week will bring us into the last month of Q1 and it still boggles my mind how quickly time passes. But thankfully, we have new music to share with you nearly every week along the way – consider it a sonic notch in the wall that serves as an unofficial record of Asian American releases throughout the year. You’re welcome.

Or you can just ignore all the gibberish I just wrote and enjoy the following releases. Peace.

[EP Album] !llmind – Four Three Two
Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes | Stream It: Soundcloud

Mike-Dash-E x REAUX x DSEP – “Get Away”
Stream It: Soundcloud

Chase Bars – “The Eliza Effect” (featuring Samples by Ann One)
Stream It: Soundcloud

Alexander Spit x Chidi Himself – “notALLTHERE”

Stream It: Soundcloud

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