Aziatix Teases with “299.792.458”

The Aziatix crew has posted up a preview/teaser video for their upcoming single “299.792.458”. The drop date looks to be one week from today, the 17th, and we’ve seen differing reports as to whether this will be part of another mini-album/EP as well. Cryptic name and release aside, just know that you have new AX […]

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Aziatix Interviewed by Nicki Sun

Nicki Sun brings you another big ‘Now You Know’ interview feature. This time around, the fellas Flowsik, Eddie Shin, & Nicky (collectively known as Aziatix). The international Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop group is in the midst of another US tour and got to chat with Nicki to bring us this sub-15 minute clip. They joke around, they rib […]

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