Kristine Sa Re-Releases 2007’s ‘Hopeless Romantic’

Back in 2007 (that’s half a decade ago!), Vietnamese-American singer, Kristine Sa, released an album called Hopeless Romantic. But now she’s decided to give it a little spit-shine and throw in a few songs and put together a 2012 repackage, now available from the expected digital distributors. The 15 song project includes “Home” and “My Last Goodbye“. […]

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Lily Bee Sings About “Home”

This is a quick performance clip of Lily Bee’s “Home” from her 2010 Daydream at Midnight album. It’s signature Lily with a soothing guitar and her trademark warm but raspy vocals. If you’re in the Southwest and interested in seeing the artist live then you’re in luck because she’ll be touring in your area this month. Check […]

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Misfit Tells You About “Home”

“Home” is the latest joint from Misfit, his first drop in months. It’s a welcome return from the Crooked Apples MC, can’t find much to dislike really. Great beat selection, he made a good choice by picking this beat by Ante. Flows on point, good energy… as I said, it just comes together well. Thankfully […]

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[Music Video] Furis – “Home”

Conceptually, this is a pretty interesting new video from Furis for his mixtape joint “Home”. He took over two thousand photos and sequenced them in reverse order to create this stop-motion video companion to the song. It’s kind of trippy and novel at first, but the lack of variety makes it a bit dull by […]

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