Kristine Sa Re-Releases 2007’s ‘Hopeless Romantic’

Back in 2007 (that’s half a decade ago!), Vietnamese-American singer, Kristine Sa, released an album called Hopeless Romantic. But now she’s decided to give it a little spit-shine and throw in a few songs and put together a 2012 repackage, now available from the expected digital distributors. The 15 song project includes “Home” and “My Last Goodbye“. You can listen via Spotify or purchase via the following links.

Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes

1 Don’t Come Home
2 In My Mind
3 Snooze (Don’t Wake Me Up)
4 Redemption
5 Consequence
6 Forbidden Fruit
7 Lose Myself
8 I Got What U Want
9 The Last Race
10 Free to Fly (Album Cut)
11 Home (feat. Tam Doan)
12 Undeniable (Album Cut)
13 Thì Thầm Mùa Xuân (Vietnamese English Version)
14 My Last Goodbye (2012 Release)
15 Home (Session Version)

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