Mike Isberto Shares “How Simple”

Mike Isberto is truly developing a penchant for putting together simple but effective public performance videos. Here’s him singing the opening track to his EP released last year, Fly. It’s another great collaboration with percussionist Jordan DeGuzman. For this vid, they chose to perform at a train station, adding great atmosphere to the acoustic performance.

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Mike Isberto Releases EP – Fly

I’ve been saying for the last couple years since I first discovered Mike Isberto’s work that I can’t wait to hear some official studio recordings because the majority of what I’ve heard from him is via Youtube. The day has finally come and he has officially dropped his new EP Fly. This release has 6 […]

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Mike Isberto Sings “Find a Way”

It’s another new original from the acoustic wonder Mike Isberto, and it’s called “Find a Way”. He explains that it was co-written with another favorite of ours, Melissa Polinar. Personally I was feeling this one, and I imagine most of you will feel the same. He’s informed us that an EP is in the works; […]

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