Somong’s “War” is Coming

Somong‘s marketing strategy always leaves me a little bit perplexed, as he’s an artist who seems to love releasing teasers and trailers yet the final products are slow to come to fruition. Nonetheless, the R&B crooner has a new tune slated to come out called “War”, and I’m hoping this one drops sooner rather than […]

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SOmong Reveals “AM to PM”

SOmong has unveiled his latest song, “AM to PM”. It’s got a classic R&B feel to it with instrumentation that doesn’t overpower the singer’s voice or the intended romantic mood. He’s even dropped a short teaser video to help promote the release. Let’s just say, this one ain’t for the kids. Interested? Download the song […]

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SOmong Teases “AM to PM”

I can’t say SOmong has always been consistent with the timing of his releases, but whenever he does hint at a project, I always come away a bit curious. The R&B singer has released a teaser clip for “AM to PM”, and the date is apparently set for February 13th. So I suppose we’ll find […]

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