Chan joins Uptown in Korea


Chan, one of the first Asian-American hip hop artists to get some decent exposure has seemingly did a reverse cross over and is now pursuing a career in Korea. It looks like he has joined the reincarnation of classic hip-hop group Uptown, with their album set to drop March 12th.

I heard it as a rumor a while back but was sworn to secrecy. But big chan himself has announced it on his myspace complete with pictures.

The group includes MCs Swings and Maniac. Both whom I know very little about. All I know about Maniac is he featured in Solbi’s last single “Do it, Do it” and even then he was name dropping UPT. And based on their cover there may be a fourth member. Perhaps one of the old members decided to come back? Carlos? Stevie Gunz?

All I know is Uptown has never quite been the same since Tasha left. They’ve had their ups and downs but this reboot could be a good thing.

For more media on some of the members check after the jump. But remember, you heard it hear at aTunes first (probably)!


L to R: Swings, Chan, Maniac

A video clip of Maniac in the studio.

One of Swings tracks.

And just for kicks, one of my favorite tracks from Chan from a couple years back: Lonely Road


Found the tracklist and more info on YesAsia.

Looks like the members are Chan, Swings, Maniac and Chris Jung. There are some features from L.E.O. and Baechigi among others.


01 . intro 기도
02 . Change
03 . 다줄께(feat.임효진)
04 . 흑기사
05 . Let’s get it on
(feat.Rasphy by Ear candy)
06 . Remember (feat.주영(썸데이),L.E.O)
07 . skit
08 . Diet
09 . New Era (feat.Brownie)
10 . Game over (feat.Ear candy)
11 . 중독 (feat.임효진)
12 . Trust nobody (feat.배치기)
13 . Get Your Game Right
14 . Still Here
15 . 흑기사 (original Ver.)


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